Shree's Writing Experiment

Blogs I follow

These are the blogs that I have followed over the past year or so. Please do take the time to visit 🙂

  1. Blog by Aquatom (popularly known as Tom) the resident superhero. I have yet to see randomly written blog posts as entertaining as his.
  2. In My Father’s Footsteps is a blog by a friend of mine. He’s a Physician that has specialized in Infectious Disease – treating them that is ;). His take on work, life and every thing else brings smiles, thoughtfulness and sometimes a little sadness.
  3. My Parents Are Crazier Than Yours. This is a “real life” blog. I’m not saying the rest aren’t either. Maybe this will explain it better (taken from her blog site) : Welcome to what happens when you get fired from a day job that was only supporting your writing career which never took off anyway, and you, at the very tender age of forty, with only a stack of losing MegaMillions tickets, collection of one-night stands, and silent-but-deadly bomb-dropping Pit Bull in your possession, have to move back home with your crazy parents.
  4. Mara is lovely, Mara loves clothes and fashion, Mara loves owls. The Eccentric Owl is a lovely blog with lovely pictures. Oh! Mara is a writer too!
  5. I will always remember Sandy as the blogger who took up the Post-a-day challenge and posted a letter a day off the alphabet! Now that’s Ahhsome 😉
  6. Diane Henders is a writer. She’s also a technical writer and a computer geek (I stole that from her About Me page). Her posts bring a big grin to my face. I mean with a title like Coitus Interruptus…. 😉

Let me know your feedback! Thank you :)

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